Getting started with Gstreamer

This blog covers getting started working with Gstreamer. Run your 1st Gstreamer examples on Linux system ( I am Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ) Download and install Gstreamer in your Linux machine, follow below page: Note: Download tutorials source code also. Once installed the Gstreamer, got to Gstreamer shell by executing /opt/gstreamer-sdk/bin/gst. BTW why we need Gstreamer shell?????? It is nothing but just sets some environment variables needed to compile Gstreamer application Example: LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH, CFLAGS, PKG_CONFIG_PATH etc. Want to know more??? Open /opt/gstreamer-sdk/bin/gst and see. Now change directory to Gstreamer SDK tutorial examples. Compile the program basic-tutorial-1.c, how to compile ????? gcc basic-tutorial-1.c -o basic-tutorial-1 `pkg-config –cflags –libs gstreamer-0.10`  Why pkg-config??? Read, Just a short answer: pkg-config –cflags –libs gstreamer-01.0 refers package configuration file /opt/gstreamer-sdk/lib/pkgconfig/gstreamer-0.10.pc and sets the options to compile the application example: cflags, includes, dynamic libraries etc. Just execute pkg-config –cflags –libs gstreamer-01.0 and analyse the result :). Yes your first Gstreamer Application is ready, execute is and see the code to analyse. This explanation is more than enough for this application.